If you cannot find a cat-nurse, get ready to nurse a baby themselves. Decide what you will feed him – ready a substitute from the pet store or will do to prepare the mixture, similar to cat milk. If you decided to do this mix, mix 4 parts cow's milk with 1 part of the egg white. The milk must be boiled – crude kittens not suitable! It happens that cow's milk is poorly tolerated by the kitten – then you can try infant formula for newborns, only dilute it by half thinner than indicated in the instructions. The mixture should be warm but not hot – 38-39оС for the first week of life, 30-32oC for a second, then - 26-28oC.
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During the first days of life the kitten will need to nurse from the pipette, if you failed to get special cat's water dish. Dropper needs to be clean, after each feeding it should be thoroughly washed with hot water. Put the kitten in a box with low sides on the tummy, let his front paws rest on the Board of the box. Holding the kid's left hand behind the back and neck, feed him. The pipette can be both sharp end and blunt as preferred, and better if it is plastic, not glass. Remember not to squeeze all the contents of the pipette to the kitten in his mouth – he should suck it up; if the cat will forget how to suck, teach it again will be impossible. Because when feeding from a pipette into the stomach of the kitten gets a lot of air, you will need from time to time to give him a chance to burp. When the kitten is week, try to go to the medical syringe without a needle.
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Newborn kittens are fed every 2 hours, including night hours; on the 3rd day night you can feed every three hours. From 5 to 21 days of life kittens are fed every 4 hours. When the kitten turns 2 weeks, you can give him sometimes to lap up the mixture from a spoon or small plate, but himself he still does not know how. With 3 weeks you can teach kittens to other products.
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Feeding a kitten is a time – consuming occupation, but, growing up, funny fluffy ball will reward you for all the concern and warm affection.
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