Cats and cats are very curious creatures. Moreover, all that interested them, they tend to try "to the tooth". The language of cats covered with stiff hairs, which are directed in such a way that if something gets into the mouth of the animal, it can't spit and forced to swallow.

капли чтоб кошка не хотела кота как давать

Is it dangerous if the cat ate the bone?

кошка просит кота

Thus, if in the mouth of the cat or the cat hits the tip of the thread or, for example, Christmas tree "rain", it can swallow up to several meters of its length. It can cause intestinal blockage and therefore very dangerous for the animal.

если кот кашляет и чехает какое лекарство нужно дать

What do you do if you discovered that the cat ate the bone? Provided that the animal feels well, you can try to help him at home. If the thread was swallowed by a cat recently, you can try to induce vomiting. To do this, in the mouth of the animal pour salt – 2 teaspoons of salt per litre of liquid water.

что делать с котом

In that case, if ingested, thread and some time has already passed, surely they have reached the intestine of the cat. In this case, the cat in the mouth using a syringe filled with a little paraffin oil. It will facilitate the passage of a foreign body in the intestine of the animal. In this case the best some time to feed the cat. When threads start to go in a natural way, in any case, do not pull them! It is extremely dangerous for the animal because it can injure the insides of the cat. You can only cut off protruding from the tail end of the thread.

у кота заложен нос что делать

The cat ate the bone, and he is clearly bad: what to do?

If the cat vomits, he refuses food and water and obviously looks sick, so, it's bad. Urgently bring the animal to the vet. The doctor can remove a foreign body with an endoscope if it is still in the stomach. If the thread has reached the intestine and provoked his obstruction, you will probably have to have surgery to remove a foreign body from the innards of the animal. Most cats tolerate well such operations.

Loving owners should clean their house of all potentially dangerous for their pet to places where he has no access to these items. This is especially true of balls of yarn, playing with which cats like to portray in the pictures. Such games are dangerous and can end very badly, so it is better to prevent.