Advice 1: What to do if the cat ate the bone

Domestic cats and cats often ingest inedible. Sometimes they eat the tinsel, Christmas tree "rain" and others are not intended for use in food items. This could end very badly for the cat. What to do if your pet ate something potentially dangerous, such as, threads?
What to do if the cat ate the bone
Cats and cats are very curious creatures. Moreover, all that interested them, they tend to try "to the tooth". The language of cats covered with stiff hairs, which are directed in such a way that if something gets into the mouth of the animal, it can't spit and forced to swallow.

Is it dangerous if the cat ate the bone?

Thus, if in the mouth of the cat or the cat hits the tip of the thread or, for example, Christmas tree "rain", it can swallow up to several meters of its length. It can cause intestinal blockage and therefore very dangerous for the animal.

What do you do if you discovered that the cat ate the bone? Provided that the animal feels well, you can try to help him at home. If the thread was swallowed by a cat recently, you can try to induce vomiting. To do this, in the mouth of the animal pour salt – 2 teaspoons of salt per litre of liquid water.

In that case, if ingested, thread and some time has already passed, surely they have reached the intestine of the cat. In this case, the cat in the mouth using a syringe filled with a little paraffin oil. It will facilitate the passage of a foreign body in the intestine of the animal. In this case the best some time to feed the cat. When threads start to go in a natural way, in any case, do not pull them! It is extremely dangerous for the animal because it can injure the insides of the cat. You can only cut off protruding from the tail end of the thread.

The cat ate the bone, and he is clearly bad: what to do?

If the cat vomits, he refuses food and water and obviously looks sick, so, it's bad. Urgently bring the animal to the vet. The doctor can remove a foreign body with an endoscope if it is still in the stomach. If the thread has reached the intestine and provoked his obstruction, you will probably have to have surgery to remove a foreign body from the innards of the animal. Most cats tolerate well such operations.

Loving owners should clean their house of all potentially dangerous for their pet to places where he has no access to these items. This is especially true of balls of yarn, playing with which cats like to portray in the pictures. Such games are dangerous and can end very badly, so it is better to prevent.

Advice 2: What to do if it hurts to swallow

Inflammation of the tonsils always painful. But sometimes they are so strong that bring unbearable pain with every swallowing of saliva. However, by using the complex heat treatments can relieve pain in a relatively short time.
What to do if it hurts to swallow
To get rid of inflammation of the tonsils, use heat treatments, which have antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory action. Namely inhalation, gargling with warm solution, a hot drink. For this purpose are great herbal teas.

For the preparation of herbal decoction brew the most accessible and convenient to use tool – Daisy. It relieves inflammation of the tonsils. Pour in a teapot 4 tbsp. of plants 2 cups of boiling water. Wrap it in heat so the broth is well infused. After 10-15 minutes, when it cools off a bit, make him first inhalation.

During inhalation, inhale the steam mouth of the spout and out through your nose. In this case, sit comfortably or tilt your head so that the direction of steam was for tonsils. Do not let the spout mouth, to pair did not go. If necessary take a short break. Continue the procedure for about 5-7 minutes (in a sense).

After inhalation of a small mug of strained decoction of chamomile hot drink in small SIPS. Leave remaining broth to rinse. It needs to be moderately warm. Complete complex of these procedures at least 3 times a day, and with a strong inflammation - 5 times. Every time you brew a new potion.

For inhalation and gargling can also use eucalyptus, rosemary, pine broth, Hypericum and calendula or a mixture of these plants. Usually two to three days is sufficient to remove the inflammation of the tonsils and to get rid of a sore throat. To achieve greater effect, 3-4 times a day dissolve a teaspoon of honey and lozenges with antiseptic and tablet faringosept.

In addition to local effects on the tonsils need General strengthening of the body and increase its energy. To do hot foot bath (preferably at night), take vitamins, especially vitamin C, drink vitamin-enriched drinks – juices, compotes, tea with honey and lemon, warm milk with honey.
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