You will need
  • UV lamp, gel manicure, nail files, degreaser, high gloss lacquer, primer.
The procedure is widely distributed and quite popular. A woman's right to choose any length, and color of the nail. Fashion does not stand still, and naturalness becomes increasingly important. So there is a new technology that allows you to cover your natural nails with a gel like normal Polish. This manicure is long lasting and will delight their owner for a few weeks. The gel is applied to the nails for their strengthening and improvement. Note that nothing prevents to do to the nail plate decor.
For those who have nails or fungus, it is recommended to use Biogel. It is composed of proteins that nourish the nail and improve its growth. This procedure is carried out often after removing artificial nails to restore. Bio-gel is hypoallergenic, non-toxic means. It can be used in lactating and pregnant women.
To cover the nail gel at home. It does not need to have the crust of a specialist manicure business. Here is a list of tools necessary for the procedure of the house: UV lamp for drying, primer, Biogel, glossy gel Polish, nail file different grit, degreaser, a brush for applying gel.
Before coating the nails needs to be simulated (remove the length, cuticles), Polish and degrease. Polishing is necessary for best adhesion of the coating to the nail plate. Before the procedure it is impossible to steam out your hands and take a bath. Nails should be dry. Primer - a tool that promotes better grip. Preference should be given to acid-free primers that are safe for nail. The tool should be applied carefully so as not to hurt the skin around the nail. Otherwise, the manicure will not last for long. A preparatory layer should be well dried. It will take a few minutes.
Then a special brush is necessary to apply the first layer of bio-gel and it is good to dry it under the lamp. Not for such purposes use a hair dryer because it can be bubbles. Then you need to apply a second layer and dried. Of necessity is applied and the third layer. During the procedure should not be tingling and other painful sensations. These unpleasant points can occur if Biogel is of poor quality, the nails or the skin around it was damaged. The sticky layer should be removed with liquid varnish remover that does not contain acetone.