You will need
  • gel
  • brush
  • lamp
  • - primer
  • - tips
The nails on your hands we cut short, I can even say at the root. Look at your nails. They have a shiny plate it should be gently cut sawing hard, but try not to overdo it as can completely cut her.
Process the cut nails primer (means for degreasing the nail). After you have applied it on the nail plate, you need to wait 3-5 minutes until there will be a process of degreasing.
At this time, until the vehicle dries, begin to pick up nail tips ( artificial nails ), each of them says the number that corresponds to each of the fingers. If the primer is dried up and it took 5 minutes, you can start to glue nail tips. Take the glue and each artificial nail at the end of grease to them, also apply the glue on your nails and put them together, so that between the nails and tips are not left space, that is, no visible bubbles, otherwise your efforts will be in vain, tips will quickly fall off.
Let us give shape to our nails. Take a hard brush and begin to shape, they can be both acute and stupid, it depends on your imagination.
The nails are almost ready, it remains only to fix them. For this purpose, the gel mass). Thick brush, with the end like a shovel, apply the gel to form the nail remained. So done with each nail. When all the nails applied gel, place them under the lamp (UV )for 4 – 5 minutes, the gel must be frozen.
The work is almost finished, just have to cut the bumps and cover your nails transparent fixing varnish.