You will need
  • liquid for degreasing the surface
  • blade, low abrasiveness or buff,
  • the basis for gel Polish,
  • color gel Polish,
  • topcoat for gel nail Polish,
  • cuticle oil,
  • UV or LED lamp.
Let's start with training. Remove old coating, if any, the lacquer or coating of gel Polish. Also if there is a need is to perform a hygienic manicure, but remember that a classic cut will not work. If you don't need the manicure, simply orange stick push back the cuticle.
Prepare the nail plate, buff, remove the Shine from the nail, not zealous, but only lightly bake it to a dry state, not more. And wipe the nail with any disinfectant, such as alcohol, as long as its composition did not contain oil. Wait until the nail dries out and become once again a matte color.
Apply the base gel. It quite a bit, but the nail should be completely covered with no bare spots. Put your hand in the lamp. Time depends on the gel, usually 3-5 minutes. And from the lamp. If you have a UV 9 watt, it will take 5 minutes, 36 - enough for 2, but if you have a led lamp, while significantly reduced, but to have it at home at least unprofitable.
Apply color gel. It's better to do several layers and each layer dry separately not less than a minute. Try as best as possible to stretch the material to avoid water stains and seals.
For a color gel Polish applied to finish. It is applied tightly, no bald spots, but not very thick. The end of the nail as if printed. Also dry it in the lamp. After polymerization remains sticky dispersion layer. It can be removed with a cotton swab or cloth dipped in alcohol or liquid varnish remover.
After all, it is necessary to treat the cuticle and side bolsters oil for cuticles to soften the skin and to give the manicure a finished look.