You will need
  • - ultraviolet lamp;
  • - grinding set of saws;
  • - dehydrator;
  • - adhesive coating;
  • - a top surface;
  • gel build-up.
Purchase the necessary drugs and instruments for conducting gel build-up. If you don't plan to do it professionally, the best option is the ready set one of the professional brands. It must include the adhesive base and the gel. For home use available multi-phase gels, which perform multiple functions. In this case, you may not use any additional funds.
A manicure, treating the shaft and cuticle. To increase nail gel should begin only when the prepared nail plate. Perform a dry manicure, so as not to steam and not to soften the nails.
Speel top layer of the nail. To build gel do not need a great deal of filing: walk with a special nail file on the nail surface several times. Then carefully grind the plate to a perfect smoothness, so you will ensure optimum attachment of the gel.
Degrease the nail surface. For this you can use the alcohol, the liquid for removing varnish, but it is best to buy a special dehydrator.
On a previously fat-free nail, apply adhesive gel-coat (bonder). It will protect the natural nail and increase the subsequent adhesion to gel mass.
Apply the Builder gel and quickly work it into shape. For this you can use any convenient tool, stiff brush or spatula. Place the nail under UV lamp for 2-3 minutes for complete solidification of the gel. You can then proceed with its processing abrasive sawing. Apply nail naibolee natural shape, but try not to cut too much of the gel.
Apply top coating, which will not only reinforce the gel, but will give it additional gloss.