To use gels for nails is quite simple. For a start, treat the nails and skin around them. Remove cuticle and pterygium. Then, using special soft nail file or pumice to remove the gloss from the surface of the nail and apply a degreaser.
After preparation of the nail plate apply a thin layer of base gel-basics and hold your nails under the UV lamp for two minutes.
Now apply a color gel in a single layer. If you wish to do a French manicure, first make your nail tips white smiles, and then apply the gel pink. Then again hold the gel under the lamp for three to four minutes.
If you want to do manicure with glitter, then apply to your chosen area is a transparent gel and, while he dried up, gently sprinkle dry glitter. To ensure that they were distributed evenly, use a regular eyeshadow applicator (it should be clean and dry) or plastic straw for drink, cut at an angle. Dial a small amount of glitter, and tapping the applicator or tube, sprinkle over the area coated with the transparent gel. Hold the nails under the lamp for about two minutes.
Now, without removing the sticky layer of gel, apply a top coat, carefully concealing all the loose edges, otherwise dried out gel coat will simply peel off. Hold the nails under the lamp for about two minutes, and then remove the dispersion layer. To do this take a clean sponge, apply the special tool and gently slide it across the nail in a direction from the base of the nail towards the tip. Use a clean sponge for every two or three of the nail, otherwise the gel surface will not be glossy. Now apply to the cuticle area oil and let it soak.
The gel can be worn for three weeks (time depends on the rate of nail growth). For removal, apply to a cotton pad a special tool, then put it on nail, wrap your finger in foil and place under the UV lamp. After 10-15 minutes the gel will easily clean off, and you will be able to apply it anew immediately, without a break.