You will need
  • Biogel
  • Means for trimming or edging manicure
  • A primer or liquid with vitamins and protein
  • Degreaser (alcohol)
  • UV lamp for drying nail
  • Glossy varnish
  • Liquid nail Polish remover without acetone
  • Olive oil
Consider whether you should cover the nails with Biogel? It's a liquid remedy, which is recommended to be applied on live nails short or medium length. You can pagrati Biogel glued nail tips (artificial records). But for long nails (especially if they bent inwards) to use bieleve building and strengthening is not recommended - the medium is poorly kept.
Prepare the nail for application of Biogel. Trim them, file his, giving the desired shape. Slide down the cuticle stick for manicures and Polish nails with a soft nail file for polishing (buff). To degrease it, wipe a cotton swab dipped in rubbing alcohol. You can buy special degreaser for nails.
Buy a bottle of primer – it's a special liquid that you want to use before coating nails with Biogel. It will help decorative coating to better adhere to the surface of the polished nail. Use acid free means that it does not harm the nails.
Apply primer on the nails and dry them, putting on the table. Different means to dry from 30 seconds to 2 min. On the advice of some masters, instead of primer, you can use the liquid vitamins and protein.
Begin to gently cover your nails with Biogel, moving from the free edge to the cuticle. To the ground plate does not reach to leave the distance of 1.5-2 mm to the cuticle.
Dry nails in a special device with UV lamp for 1-2 minutes or just at room temperature, avoiding drafts. Do not use for drying nails hair dryer! Otherwise on the surface of the decorative layer may appear unsightly bubbles.
Apply the second layer of the decorative means, and if desired, make several thin layers. Each layer dries. Then remove the sticky layer with liquid varnish remover that does not contain acetone.
Attach the decorative surface high gloss finish. Into the cuticle area, gently massage, RUB olive oil. Do not wash your hands a couple of hours to your beautiful nails are not affected.