Strengthening of natural nails is not just a cosmetic nail treatment. It is also the health of the nails. There are several ways to strengthen, but the most popular is sealing gel. This method has its undeniable merits.

What is the procedure

Before you can strengthen nails with gel, they need to prepare carefully. The process is no different from training to capacity. The nails should be shaped with a nail file, remove or push back the cuticle. The gel went smoother and last longer, you need to carefully sanded natural plate soft buff. After that, degrease the nails with a special tool.

Gel nails can be single phase or three phase. He and the other view to cope with the sealing well. On prepared nails fits the first thin layer of gel is transparent in color. Drying in the UV lamp should be strictly according to instructions. Depends on how long the coating.

The second gel layer is also overlaid with a thin layer. The fundamental difference – you need to lay out the material not only on the outer side of the nail plate, but also on the back side of the free edge. It seals the nails, protecting against breakage and splitting. The last layer is the finish. This can be a ultra glossy remedy, and may be single-phase transparent gel, which is then removed sticky layer.

The advantages of the procedure

The biggest advantage of the procedure is the seal of the nail bed and free edge. Because of this the nails become stronger, less broken, do not exfoliate. Over time, the length of the nails is increased, but this material does not splinter.

Gel, unlike acrylic "breathes". It flows to a natural nail, the air which is necessary for normal growth. Biogel is also breathable, but as a way of strengthening, is not for everyone. He often splinter, crack, break.

Natural nails, covered with gel, you can do beauty treatments: masks, baths, poultices. The material passes not only the air, but all the useful minerals and vitamins to the nail. Under a layer of gel all these substances are quickly absorbed into the nail plate, making it healthier and more beautiful.

In the preparation of the nails to strengthen cuticles are treated, which makes it healthier. In addition, it is possible to significantly reduce the number of sessions of edging manicure. And the nails covered with gel, lasts several times longer than natural. While the base manicure is not required. In her role, the gel, giving a colored pigment to soak into the nail plate.