Why is it so popular single-phase building gel? First, it is cheaper. Secondly, until you have the hang of it, it will be easier to carry out the design in one tool. Thirdly, single-phase gels are sufficiently strong and non-toxic.

How it works

Few people, besides professionals, understands how works of a single-phase gel. Therefore the beginner in nail design is difficult to navigate in the choice of material. Novice artists often overpay, do not understand that, although the qualitative extension can be performed much easier.

In the procedure there are three stages. The first coupling mechanism provides a natural plate with gel. The second helps to adjust the shape and length of the nail. The third stage is consolidating work and creating a glossy Shine. Some artists at different stages have different gel. But a single-phase gel allows you to carry and build, and design using one jar, as it includes and priming, and modeling, reinforcing particles.

What good is a single-phase gel

Beginners comprehend the basics of building, often wonder, how does a single-phase gel. Some feel it is less quality than the two or three phase material. It's not, just single-phase gel simplifies the work.

The consistency of this product is liquid which facilitates the modeling of the artificial nail. In addition, this product provides strong coupling with the natural substrate, and this ensures long wearing artificial nails without delamination.

It is believed that the capacity of a single-phase gel is more gentle and is shown even when weakened, damaged and brittle nails. By the way, it also does not cause allergies and can be used to build even for pregnant women.

Features single-phase nail gel

The term "single phase" does not involves applying one layer of gel. Just on all three stages of the procedure is the same tool.

To ensure lasting results, a single-phase gel is mainly used for building on tips. This product negates the line between the overlay and the natural nail in the process of modeling.

Sometimes newbies are unable the first time to make a nice form a single-phase gel, as it is too liquid. Toenails can get either flat or thickened at the ends. To avoid this problem simply. After the formation of the zone apex, the most convex part of the plate, it is necessary to turn the hand palm up. Gel will flow exactly where you need it.