You will need
  • - UV apparatus;
  • - bonder gel;
  • - transparent firming gel;
  • - gel nail;
  • - transparent UltraScale gel;
  • - means "Cleaner place";
  • - sponge.
For starters, apply a little nail bonder gel, with the result that they acquire a matte finish. Remember, if you apply bonder gel too much, the surface will appear shiny or wet, and this will lead to flaking gel Polish.
For polymerisation bonder gel place hand for 1 minute in a UV apparatus. In any case do not remove the sticky dispersion layer with a nail, which will appear after this procedure. On top apply a thin layer of firming clear gel and cure again for 30 seconds.
With the help of special brushes for applying gel nailand cover the nail over the sticky dispersion layer, a thin layer of gelPolish. Carefully apply the nail Polish in the cuticle area. Place your hand for 3 minutes in a UV machine.
Top coat the nail transparent gel ultraparallel. If the cuticles or the skin around the nail get gel, it will contribute to further delamination of the coating from the nail. Therefore, in these places, gently remove excess gel with a plastic pusher.
For the polymerization, place the hand for 1 minute in a UV apparatus. At this stage, the dispersion layer to remove. To do this, dampen the foam sponge in the tool "Cleanser place". Next, lightly DAB the nail with a sponge and movements aimed at themselves, remove the nail plate sticky dispersion layer. The coating should acquire a smooth and shiny look.
UltraScale gel may be replaced by a drug called "Enhanced binder". Use of this tool does not require the use of the UV device, and removing the dispersion layer, which greatly facilitates the time and reduces the work of applying the gel lacquer.
Thoroughly wash and dry hands. Cover the nails with special oil, and careful massaging movements RUB it into the surface around the nail and cuticles.