Advice 1: Can the shellac be combined with the Biogel

Biogel is a material based on natural ingredients, which are designed to strengthen the nail plate. Shellac is a gel Polish that covers the nails for beauty. The combination of two technologies is possible only subject to certain conditions.
shellac over bio-gel
Long-term coverage for a manicure the people called simply "shellac". This is a product created by American company CND, was the first hybrid nail Polish and gel. After appeared the gel varnishes of other firms, who mistakenly continue to call "shellac". The uniqueness of the coating is that it does not chip and is not erased during long time (up to four weeks). Many have question about how can I apply Shellac on the other artificial coating. For example, Biogel.

The arguments in favor of applying

Biogel originally designed to strengthen natural nails. The color scheme of the gel is not as extensive as in gels, which are used for nail art. That is why many artists will not only cover reinforced with Biogel nails "shellac", but recommend that these two procedures are done together. First, the natural nails are under the double protection. Biogel strengthens and protects them from breaking. Shellac manicure gives individuality and completeness, further strengthening from breaking and chipping. Secondly, Shellac applied to nails covered with bio-gel, lasts even longer. Known cases where girls have not changed coverage within 1.5-2 months. The external view of the manicure was flawless.

Technology application

To have a manicure lived up to expectations, must adhere to a strict sequence. First, apply Biogel at all the rules and canons of nail strengthening. The procedure is performed from beginning to end, except for the last action – the application of a finishing coat. It is not required if the top nails will be covered by gel Polish. Second, before applying Shellac is not required to make the substrate (the first preparatory layer, framework). This role operates Biogel. Third, the "shellac" is applied by conventional techniques, fixed finish protective coating. Here no changes should be.

If you stick to the correct methods of applying one material to another, they will reject each other. Properly applied coating will not split, and the nails won't look too padded. It is also noteworthy that Shellac, applied to the bio gel does not affect the basic properties of the latter. Material will not interfere with air circulation and the inflow of useful vitamins from the outside (e.g., of the toning baths for nails, which can be done even when the nails covered with bio-gel).

Advice 2 : How to shellac nails cover at home

Manicure is one of the components of the image of women, but it does not always work to do. A way out could be the shellac. Shellac is a durable finish which lasts up to three weeks on nails. Manicure with the help of this coverage can be done at home.
How to shellac nails cover at home
You will need
  • UV lamp, orange stick, nail file, electric manicure set (you can do without it), sponges, degreaser, base color coating of shellac, top, nail adhesive layer, the cuticle oil.
The treated nail. Give the nail the desired shape and length. Delete or move aside the cuticle stick. Then, you should Polish the entire nail so that it was smooth (you can use a nail file or manicure set electric).
When all nails are treated, degrease the nail plate for better adhesion of the nail with shellac.
Then proceed to the direct application of shellac. I applied a base in one thin layer, dried in the UV lamp for 1 minute. If excess gets on the skin around the nail, then remove the wand before drying in the lamp.
Then cover the colored shellac in 2 layers, each dried for 2 minutes.
And the last step in applying color coating covered the top in 1 layer and dried for 3 minutes.
After the top has dried, the nail remains sticky, it is necessary to take the sponge and it cause the liquid to remove the sticky layer and just wipe the nail. The coating will become more glossy.
The last stage of the process. Lubricating oil all the skin around the nail first, it will support your marigolds and second nails will be more healthy.
Some manufacturers of degreaser and liquid to remove the sticky layer are both 2 in 1, very convenient for those that don't need to buy two tools.
It is not recommended to do a Spa manicure before applying shellac because the nail is saturated with moisture and in the future, the shellac may deviate from the nail in the early days.
Useful advice
You can use the LED lamp, the difference with the UV lamp only in the fact that in the first each layer enough drying for 30 sec.
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