If you know for sure that going early in the morning, and maybe at your workplace your boss will turn on the radio, use the service greetings and musical gift in the morning show. Your boss will be pleased that congratulated him all over the country and ordered his favorite song.
Organize a party and draw the whole team a congratulatory newspaper, consider its composition. Let it be a little humorous: for example, edit the photo in Photoshop and come up with a funny poem or story. Just do not overdo it. Remember that you congratulate the head, and not the other.
Order a professional portrait artist, his chef, choose the right photo for this and tell the wizard about his head, perhaps he will add a drop to your imagination, for example, would make a light cartoon. A portrait of place in a nice decorative frame. Or contact the special workshops of the sculptors, let them make a small statuette of your boss or his favorite hero movie, literature, or artist.
It is not necessary to spend money on small Souvenirs and trinkets, but something dear and significant, too, do not give. You can not guess the choice, as leaders – business people, they formed their image, style. So not worth the risk. Give your head a vintage wine or a signature cognac. Many leaders in the office has a Minibar, this gift will be quite appropriate.
Bosses are people too, and they need to relax. Give your boss a gift certificate for a entertainment center or a concert ticket of your favorite artist or sports game. Just keep in mind the tastes and status of its leader. The choice of such a gift should be well thought out.
Find out more about his boss, his Hobbies, leisure activities. Maybe he likes Golf or tennis. Then an original gift for him can be a set of sports equipment. If he smokes, you can give him a set of expensive cigars or a decorative carved up.