Before you make a manicure with gel Polish, look at the condition of your nails. If your nails are in bad condition, after the nail, exfoliate, or break down, give up procedure. First, restore the nails with the help of folk or cosmetics. Gel Polish will not stick on damaged nails and you will enjoy a beautiful manicure very short time.

Before you make a manicure, do not use oils and hand creams. To a basic absorbed into the nail plate, it should be in a natural condition, moderately dry and hydrated through any means.

When you have covered your nails with gel Polish, first time try not to expose the nails temperature changes. Put the bath or sauna. Do not take a bath after I do my nails with gel Polish. Do not wash hands with warm water for 48 hours for better adhesion of the nail coating.

When performing usual housework you will need gloves. Your manicure will last you longer if you will wash the dishes and floors while wearing gloves. Wash with gel Polish on the nails is also not recommended.

Do not expose nails to mechanical damage. Do not open covers and packaging by using nails, do not pick anything nails. Do not gnaw and do not lick your nails.

Make timely correction gel Polish. The longer you wear the coating, the more spoiled nails. Gel Polish is stronger adhesion to the nail plate, and in the untimely removal of the covering nail is injured more.

Do not make more than three corrections, give your nails a rest. It makes sense to cover the nail varnish treatment for a few weeks after removing the gel Polish. Take care of your nails!