The service "missed call" is an important option that exists in the package of features of each mobile network operator. If you don't want to miss an important call and need, you need to connect this option.

Keep in mind that a service called" MTS is free and works on all tariffs of the operator. This option is also available in roaming. Remember that information about the calls, which were made to your phone number may be stored on the servers of the company MTS for three days.

If you don't turn on your phone or will be out of range of the operator within 24 hours, data about the incoming call to your number is not available.

In order to connect and activate the service called" MTS, you must do the following:

The first method is to connect the service "missed call" SMS. To do this, send an SMS containing a code 21141, room 111. After some time this service will be connected. As confirmation you will receive an SMS to your number.

The second method of activation of the service "missed call" - using the Internet assistant. In order to receive this service, you need to visit the official website of MTS and follow the instructions you will find in the personal Cabinet.

The third way to connect via voice call: dial the phone combination *111*38#, and then the call key. The service will be connected to you instantly.

To disable the service called" MTS, it is necessary to send SMS with numbers 21140 to 111 or dial *111*38#, press call, and then to return to text figure 2.

Keep in mind that in some cases this service may not connect, for example, if you do not have the function of SMS, the full memory of the phone, and in the case of the ban on incoming calls.