You will need
  • mobile phone;
  • - access to the Internet;
  • - salon-representation "MTS";
  • - the passport.
To disable informational messages coming from MTS, go to your phone menu, select "Messages" then go to "Options" or "Settings" (in different phone models are called differently) and select the sub-item "System messages" or "operator Messages" etc. Set the position to "off" or "disable".
Try another method to disable informational messages from the provider. It will help if you or someone in your family has ever activated the service "MTS news". Enter the menu of the sim card of your phone (in different models it is accessed differently). Remove all received messages, choosing the section: "MTS Services", then "MTS news" and "Received". Turn off broadcasting in your phone menu, navigate to the bookmarks: "MTS Services", hereinafter, "MTS news", then "Settings", "Advanced", "Broadcasting" and "Off". Furthermore to unsubscribe from these services, you can send USSD-request with the following content: "*111*1212*2#" and press the call key.
You can also contact the mobile network operator MTS on number 0890 and explain your problem. The service is round the clock and free to all subscribers located in the territory of Russia. If you make a call from a landline phone, then dial the number: 88002500890. Get ready to call the phone number on which you want to switch off informational messages and their passport data stated in the contract with MTS.
Visit one of the salons, offices of cellular communication of MTS that are in your city. Ask a salon employee to help you disable unnecessary services. You must have a passport. The exact address of these offices can be found on the official website of MTS by clicking on the link "Help and service" and clicking on "Our offices".