To disable the service "Voice mail", contact the nearest office of MTS or to the dealers of OJSC "MTS", that is, to those small firms that collaborate with this provider. Their addresses and phone numbers you can find on the official website of MTS or in the brochures that are often issued when you purchase the SIM card.
Deactivate Voice mail you can carry out, calling the free service number 0890. This operation will be made, provided you provide to the consultant the required data: full name, passport data, code words and so on.
To disable the service "Voice mail" and you can yourself. On the keyboard of his mobile phone dial: *111*90# and press the call button. In a few minutes you will receive an sms containing information on the results of operations.
To disable the service "Voice mail" through the Internet assistant, go to the official website of mobile operator MTS and register. To do this, as a login type your phone number in ten-digit format, then enter the security code and click on the "Get password", then wait for the message, which will contain your password to login. Enter it to log in to "my account". In the resulting page, locate and click on the tab "Services & rates". In the same way the service "Voice mail" and click "Disable". In the end, save all the above steps.
After all operations, the service "Voice mail" will be disabled. Cash from your mobile phone account is not debited. If you have any questions related to the management of services, contact the call centre of OJSC "MTS" in person or call on the phone 0890.