Make sure that your account balance has sufficient funds to connect to the service "hometown", which costs 34 rubles, including VAT.
Subscribers of all tariff plans have an opportunity to use the service, for example, if you have a corporate rate, "Only" or "Guest", the service available to you. Therefore, before you attempt to connect read the contract for the provision of telecommunications services or contact the operator customer service Department.
Become a user of the service "hometown" by sending a message to the short number 111. In the Text field enter the following characters: 2132. In that case, if you want to disable the service on the same number, send SMS with text: 21320. Be aware that disabling services is free of charge.
Connect the "mother city" with a special command *111*2132#, press the call key. You the phone receives a service message, which will contain information and connection.
Become a user of the service, contact the contact centre of MTS on number 0890. If you are roaming, then contact the operator by dialing +74957660166.
Please contact your customer service representative or Department. Don't forget to bring your passport.
If for any reason you do not have the possibility to contact the operator, you can use the self-service system, which is called "Internet Assistant". For this you need to visit the official website of OJSC "MTS" and click on the appropriate tab. But before you register a password in the system, enter the ten digit number and the security code displayed in the picture. The password will be sent to you in the form of a service message to your phone.