In order for any network user could disable set service "Beep" (only connect it, you can use "Music box"), there is such a service self-service "Internet Assistant". In addition, the subscribers are provided with the system called "my account". To take and office, and an assistant can be directly on the official website of the operator "MTS".
Disabling "Music box" any time you can produce and due to the short USSD-request *111*29#. Another number, that allows you to manage the services (and not only the service "Beep"), number "Mobile assistant" 111. The subscriber can at any time to dial it in and disable the desired option. Please note that the deactivation procedure "Music box" is completely free. However, to carry out it is only at the end of the month. The fact is that when you disconnect at the beginning of the reporting period, the subscriber will still be charged for the use of the service, though she herself is disabled.
In addition, if you are tired of the melody itself, not the service, you will also be able to refuse it. In order to withdraw the subscription, the user should send from his mobile phone text message. The text will need to specify the END command and then a space and the code is already unneeded tunes. As has been said, in your account you can manage the service, including connected melodies. If you want to get to the portal, type in the browser address or call the short number 0550 (subscription service).
The entrance to the "Internet Pohodnik" also does not take much time. To use the system, visit the official website of MTS", then click on the tab with the appropriate name. To ignore it simply because it is painted in bright red color. The use of an assistant, by the way, will not cause harm to your personal account: self-service free.