You will need
  • Mobile phone or computer with Internet access
To disable the function "Beep" with using a mobile phone – dial *111*29# and click "Call". Wait for the reply message and confirm the deactivation of the service.
You can also disable the function "Beep" using the service "Internet Assistant" which is located on the website of MTS. To do this you need a mobile phone or computer that allows you to view web pages.
Create a password to obtain access to the service "Internet Assistant". The password must contain only Latin letters and numbers. Have a length of from 6 to 10 characters. It must contain at least one digit, one uppercase and one lowercase.
Create a new text message via mobile phone or "connection Manager". Add the message code 25 and through a space, enter your preferred password. Send SMS to 111.
Open a browser to the login page for the service "Internet Assistant". Fill in the phone number in ten-digit format and a password you create. Click "Login".
Click on the link "Manage services", which is located in the section "Rates, services and discounts." The browser window opens a page that contains a list of all connected services.
Locate connected services "Service GOODOK" and click "disable". Click "Disable services" to confirm the selection on the next page, disable the services.
As soon as the function "Beep" is disabled, you will receive a text message confirmation.
If, during the deactivation of the service "Gudok", an error will occur, contact the technical support service of MTS. To do this, call the toll free number 0890 and click on the telephone keypad the digit 0. Wait for a response operator technical support.