For management services, the company "MTS" has created a special service called "My services". With it, you can turn off the paid and free services to obtain information about the recently emerged to connect them. All this can be done by sending an SMS with any text on number 8111. Sending it to the home network is free and roaming with the account being charged, which will correspond to the rates of your tariff plan.
To deactivate "Horoscope" you can also contact the voice service, which is called "Astrology" (namely in the section "Subscription of daily horoscope"). There you will listen to the instructions and prompts of the system, and then select "Delete subscription". After completing these steps, it is safe to assume that the subscription is no longer active. In addition, to implement a shutdown is possible on site (click on the box that says "My subscriptions") or by sending SMS with text "3" to the short number 4741 (shipping is free).
Disable "Daily horoscope MTS you can use the self-service "Internet Assistant" (it is on the official website of the company). To login you need to set the password length from 4 to 7 characters). This can be done via USSD-request *111*25#. Use it or dial a short number 1118, and then follow the prompts of the operator, enter the password. Use the "Internet Assistant" is a free, monthly fees also no. However, to follow the correct input of the password, otherwise access to the system may be stopped for 30 minutes.