Pharmacological preparations for the treatment of liver accelerate its clearance from the negative effects of toxins, restore damaged tissues and the normal functioning of the body, the main purpose of which is to filter the blood. The main purpose of such drugs is their hepatoprotective, cholelitolitic and choleretic effect.
In chronic liver diseases, patients are often prescribed pills with natural bile acids ("Hollenzen" or "Allohol"). More powerful anti-inflammatory effects of different drugs of synthetic origin, eliminating inflammation in liver tissues ("Ozalid", "Zikaron"). Also very popular choleretic tablets, the main active component of which is plant material ("Jollity", "Flamin").
One of the best tablets of drugs for the treatment of the liver is considered the "Legalon" on the basis of an extract of milk Thistle spotted. It is a powerful hepatoprotective effect, improving digestion and intracellular metabolism, and stabilization of the hepatocyte membrane. In addition, "Legalon" improves the breakdown of lactic acid in the liver, reduces inflammation in it binds free radicals, preventing the formation of malignant tumors.
Well-proven and pills "Essentiale", which include vitamins b and B6, phospholipids, Pantothenic acid, and Niacin. This drug, in addition to the treatment of hepatitis, cirrhosis, liver necrosis and intoxication, reduces cholesterol, improves metabolism and revitalizes the cardiovascular system. Not far behind him and the drug "Hepabene" consisting of extracts of milk Thistle and dymjanki. Pills "Hepabene" restore liver function in chronic hepatitis and severe toxic lesions. Also popular in the treatment of liver and "I", tablets, which have complex effects and have no age restrictions in the treatment of cholelithiasis, cholecystitis, acute and chronic hepatitis.