Herbs as a means for cleaning the liver

At home the liver can be cleaned, using medicinal herbs. The best blood purifying herbs have always been considered the immortelle, dandelion, wormwood, mint, and wild rose, plantain and celandine. They possess outstanding choleretic effect and have a beneficial effect on the liver.

To achieve a positive effect, it is recommended to prepare herbal tea and take it every day for about thirty minutes after eating. The course of treatment should last about three weeks. To prepare the broth mix a couple teaspoons of the chosen dried herbs and pour them with boiling water. Let it infused for 5-6 hours. By the way, if the broth would be too bitter, you can add a little honey.

Oats for the liver

Oats is a very valuable cereal product, which helps clean the bile ducts and improves the functioning of liver. The composition of this cereal contains minerals, enzymes, proteins, and vitamins.

If you want to use oats to clean the liver, prepare untreated grains and grind them in a coffee grinder. Then pour into a thermos tablespoon of the resulting oat flour and cover with boiling water. The tool should brew for about 12 hours. Take cooked infusion is recommended for 500 ml every day for a couple months.

There are other recipes useful infusion of oats. For example, you can pour 100 grams of cereals cooled boiled water. The resulting tool should brew for about 10 hours, and then it must be cool. Take half a Cup three times a day on an empty stomach, and your liver function will improve.

The use of magnesium sulfate

Often for the treatment of liver at home using chalk. If your weight exceeds 70 kg, take 60 grams of magnesia powder and dissolve it in water. In result, you will have the solution that tastes like sea water. If you want you can add in the lemon juice. Make a solution of magnesia should be daily. It is advisable to drink ample amount of water.

The above drug has a choleretic effect and helps to clear the liver of all the toxins and wastes. Usually its use is very effective.

How to treat fatty liver viral inflammation of the liver

In fact, steatosis is a disease in which most of liver cells from turning into fat. First of all, you need to determine the reasons for the development of steatosis. It can be obesity or a reception of some pills, and excessive consumption of vegetarian food. The liver is the organ that has the ability to replicate. Accordingly, the reduction of influence of harmful factors and will be the method of treatment of hepatosis.

But to reduce the manifestation of symptoms of viral inflammation of the liver in house conditions it is possible by injection of alpha-interferon". However, the course will have to spend nearly 200 thousand rubles. Also, constant intake of biologically active additives can gradually suppress viral infection.