Severe pain in the liver area of the experience with hepatitis. This disease has several forms. The most dangerous is hepatitis C. It is equivalent to AIDS. However, in contrast, can be successfully treated. There are groups A, b, and a form of hepatitis caused by any infectious diseases. All forms except pain right under the rib ill, decreased appetite, color of the feces becomes light to white, the urine darkens, the skin and whites of the eyes acquire a yellowish tint.
Cirrhosis. In addition to the above symptoms, it is possible to note an increase in the patient's body, exhaustion, nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. The pain is dull, aching subsides and reappears in violation of a strict diet or with increased physical load. Sometimes the body appear "stars" is vascular telangiectasia. Cirrhosis – a progressive disease that can be stopped operable or medically.
Another reason of pain in right side - a liver cyst which is congenital disorders development of the body. It usually develops on the background of the inferiority of the bile ducts. No visual manifestations cyst has not. It is a benign tumor that grows slowly and reaches maturity to the 40-55 years of human life.
Liver abscess is a purulent process. In the southern countries 90% of this disease is caused by the penetration of parasites. In Russia, the lesions occur mainly in the bacterial abscess, the cause of which can be purulent diseases of the adjacent organs, trauma, complications of gallstone disease, staphylococci and streptococci. The pain in this disease do not migrate. It is dull and blunt when pressed.
Amyloidosis. Leads to cirrhosis and hard to diagnose. Sometimes hereditary and reactive. When amyloidosis affects almost all the internal organs, liver in particular. In the absence of "jaundice" liver much enlarged. Pain is not severe and pass more quickly after taking the medicine.
Hepatic steatosis, or fatty hepatitis causes mild, dull pain under right rib. A disease occurs when metabolic disorders, type 2 diabetes, constant overeating, or exposure to various toxic substances. In rare cases, can be caused by Cushing's syndrome, or myxedema. Not always, it is associated with alcohol use.
Hemochromatosis is a rare inherited disease, despite the fact that carriers are 10% of the world population. Besides the aching pain in his right side it is manifested by pain in the joints and increased skin pigmentation. Due to the violation of iron metabolism in the body.