Treatment of hepatomegaly is directed generally to eliminate the disease that caused enlarged liver. An important role in the treatment plays a diet. It is characterized by a complete diet on calorie-restricted fat and carbohydrates trudnoreshaemyh.
In turn, nutritional therapy has a very positive effect on the liver and contributes to restore functional activities. Thus, the diet used in the treatment of diseases recommends eating five or six times a day in small portions.
All use food prigotavlivaya for a couple, cook and bake in the oven. Fried foods completely eliminate from your diet. The amount of fat consumed strictly limit to 70 grams per day. Do not use products from fancy pastry, bread and sweets. Also from the diet exclude all fatty fish, meat, smoked products, canned food, beans, spicy cheeses. Eat fresh and cooked vegetables, buckwheat, semolina and rice porridge, lean meats, fish boiled, protein omelettes, made a couple.
With medical treatment the increase of the liver, doctors often prescribe hepatoprotectors (drugs such as Essentiale, Heptral, HEPA-Merz).
According to popular recipes, fatty liver can be cured using the following recipes. Take 100 grams: sage, motherwort, dandelion root, peony root, and chicory root. All these herbs mix. Then put three tablespoons of mixed herbs and put them in an enamel pan. Then pour 3 cups of cold water. Next, put the pan on low heat and leave to simmer under a lid for 30 minutes. After that, the broth remove from heat and let steep for 30 minutes, then strain it. The resulting liquid drink throughout the day.