Please note: from 1 January 2008 increased by 1 year the terms of service for receiving next military rank.
The form and content of submissions to receive the next military ranks are approved by the heads of Executive authorities of the region, which provides military service.
The idea for the next title must be issued no later than 2 months before the end of the life of the soldier in the previous title. This document is issued on the prescribed form and signed by the immediate commander of a soldier. After the presentation is sent through the personnel Department to the commander (chief) who has the authority to resolve this issue.
If the soldier is assigned to the first military rank of officer or warrant officer, must be issued:- record card (3 copies);
card rapid number-specific records;
- certified copies of documents confirming professional education.
If the citizen has held or is serving in the Ministry of interior, customs or the tax office, and the bodies win the first or another title he can be rated only on the results of the recertification of the special Commission pieces. The view is also signed by the immediate commander of the soldier and sent through the personnel Department senior management with delegated authority.
Military rank of Junior Lieutenant or Lieutenant may be assigned to persons with special military education trained at military departments of higher education institutions having state attestation (by the way, not only Goa, but also the KNOW).
The same title can be given to its citizens who have graduated from secondary vocational or higher educational institution in some fields, related military occupational specialties (medics, military engineers, railroad workers).