You will need
  • - passport or other document confirming the identity
  • - statement
  • - Bank statement from the previous place of residence
  • - a document confirming the right of stay in the apartment
  • - a statement from the other owners
When a child is born, it must register with one of the parents. After he will receive the passport in 14 years, it is stamped on the registration. In the event of a change of residence in connection with the relocation, purchase/sale of apartments in the residence can vary, and this should apply to the passport office at the new place of residence.
If you change your place of residence, it is beginning to come to the passport office, where he was registered to you put a stamp in the passport on the statement, and also issued a piece about the departure.
After that, within 7 days after arrival at new place of residence you must give your documents to obtain the registration, otherwise, entails a fine for the violation. But in fact, a citizen of the Russian Federation has the right to 90 days to be in the way, i.e. to prove that you already live in this place without a residence permit will be quite difficult.
To the passport office must submit the following documents: a valid passport if it is expired, it is necessary first to replace; a piece about the departure; the document confirming your right to live in this apartment - the deed of gift, legacy, purchase, lease, etc.; statement. If the apartment someone is registered, then the necessary declarations, and with their consent, except in those cases when you are the owner of this property or its share.
If the apartment is a municipal, consent from the relevant authorities that they are not against your check into their housing. In the case of a subsequent residence your family's permission is not required, but they can't claim the property, as well as their accommodation will not be considered for standards meters per person.
If you are prescribed the whole family, you must also provide a certificate of registration of marriage. When there are minor children - birth certificate, and after 14 years - the passport and required their presence.
Minor children can't leave just like that, you must first provide them with a place for a subsequent residence permit for legitimate reasons, i.e. to write from the mother to the father, or Vice versa. Otherwise, the consent of the guardianship.