The official title of the document – the statement of registration by place of residence in form No. 6. Get this form at the passport office at the place of registration or download on the Internet. The procedure for filling the application for registration in form No. 6 installed FMS. It is applied to the passport office in the form of the original. The provision of copies, even notarized, no laws, rules and regulations is not provided.
Take a form and start to fill it. To do this, use a pen with black or blue ink. All the fields have their details, which must be set in each of them. Carefully read what needs to be specified in the contents of each field. Not in a hurry, fill out the application accurately and neatly.
Specify what the registration is sent your statement. Specify its correct name by contacting on the phone or looking at the website of the organization on the Internet. Then write from whom the statement, enter your surname, initials and address, how you arrived in this town or the old address where you lived earlier in the same locality.
In the corresponding line, indicate the degree of kinship, surname, name and patronymic of the person who provides you with living space to stay and the name of the document that was the basis for the invasion.
Fill in the address of premises where you intend to inhabit, and specify your passport data or data of another document, which you justify your identity. Put your name, initials, sign in the designated place. Specify the date of writing the application.
Note that one of the mandatory fields to fill out is the signature of the person providing premises, which is placed under your statementFor M. it is also provided with a separate area. The signature confirms his will, so be sure to reassure her by an official responsible for registration. This signature must be affixed personally by the person providing the living space, in the presence of the mentioned official.