You will need
  • • Passport;
  • • the document that is the basis for settlement.
Do registration at your old address and get a piece of departure of the established sample. Also at discharge, the registration authorities will have to put you in the appropriate passport stamp. Please note that loss of a piece of departure is not grounds for refusal of registration your registration to the new address.
Contact 7-day period from the moment of arrival to the new place of residence to the entity responsible for the registration of citizens (passport, etc.), or to the owner of the property, if such organization is lacking (for example, if you settled in a private house in a rural location).
Bring your passport or other document proving your identity, birth certificates of children under 14 years of age, and a document upon which you intend to settle in the new warrant on the apartment, the certificate of registration of ownership of housing, the application of a person who decided to provide you with housing, the court's decision on the recognition of your rights to tenure, etc. Please note that if you intend to writeXia in the apartment, which is home to a few people, then you most likely will have to obtain written consent for the check from each of them.
Write a application for registration at the place of residence according to the established sample (form №6). Turn in completed application and other documents to the employee of the registering body (the passport). In making your registration (entering in the door-card or house book, filling in statistical forms etc.) usually takes 3 days.
Take your organization registered in your passport with a fresh stamp of registration. The providers for ID card not passport of the Russian Federation and other document (as well as children up to 14 years), a certificate of registration at the place of residence in the prescribed form.