How to register the child in apartment of the husband

Features of the residence depend on who the owner of the premises. By law, children under 14 years old may not register for housing alone. This can be done only if the registration of the parents or one of them. If you wish to register the child to your husband you need to remember that the presence of other owners requires the consent of each of them.

The same applies if the husband is the owner of the apartment, but spelled thus elsewhere. Then require the consent of the owner of the apartment, which is specified in the registration.

If the husband lives in apartment under the contract of social hiring, that any residence may be just the employer's premises with the consent of all persons registered in it. Registration of third parties is only possible subject to compliance of the provision of living space.

What documents are required

To register the child in apartment of the husband, there must be an agreement from both parents. Originals and photocopies of all necessary documents should be presented to the passport office, housing Department. Permission for residence and all documents must be certified. Moreover, the permission for residence notarized. You can also write this statement personally in the presence of the staff of the housing Department. Then notarization is not required.

At the place of registration of both parents is necessary to take the statements of personal accounts. You will also need the passport of the father. With these documents you need to apply to the passport office. The application for the registration of children in private housing must be accompanied by a birth certificate of the child.

If children are constantly registered in one place, and my husband will be provisionally registered, be issued with a permanent registration is not necessary.

In the case of registration of the child in apartment of the husband after the divorce, you will need a statement of such registration from the mother. Attached is a birth certificate. May require a certificate stating that the child is not registered in the mother.

When the former husband is the owner of the apartment, the consent of the other tenants for the residence of a child do not have. Especially if the child is under 14 years of age.

If mother and father are spelled out in a different city, the child in her husband's apartment you can register without his consent. As a place of residence of the minor is the place of residence of their legal representative.