You will need
  • Passport, document of ownership of the dwelling.
In any region of the country registration is done at the place of residence or place of stay. The basis of registration by place of residence is such documents as the warrant tenancy, the contract of purchase and sale of real estate, certificate of right of inheritance of an apartment or house, as well as the statement of a relative or parents who want you to prescribe.
To apply for the registration in the passport office, housing Department, Deza, or Association of owners. When you do this, you must have the passport and the document on the basis of which you are written in this dwelling. In the case of a residence permit with relatives – the written consent of all who registered in the apartment. All these documents shall be deposited to the passport guy, and a few days, you will receive a notification that prescribed in this residential area.
The stamp in the passport for your registration is put in the migration service, or Department in your district. To obtain it, you need to apply with a passport and a paper notification is received in the passport office to a specialist, FMS, and within a few minutes in the passport will stand a treasured stamp with the address.
There is also a way of temporary registration, they usually enjoy coming to work in other areas or traveling employees. When you check into a hotel is automatically granted a temporary residence permit for the period of stay. If you rent officially and through the organization, the landlord must prepare the necessary documents and return them to the passport office. These include: the copy and the original of the license for rendering of services in leasing of real estate, a copy of the certificate to a property frame of the room where you are going to prescribe, a written statement. After obtaining consent. The landlord provides you with list-notice that you appeal to the specialists of the migration service and control of where you affix the necessary stamps.
When making temporary or permanent residence, all your data is recorded in the book of house records. and in the register of tenants.