With all of the owners of premises into which you will register, come to the territorial division of the FMS. Everyone present should have the document proving the identity. These documents include: a passport of the citizen of the Russian Federation; birth certificate (for persons under 14 years of age); the Soviet passport with unexpired; the passport (for persons permanently residing outside the Russian Federation).
Complete the application for registration at the place of stay to the head of the territorial subdivision of the Federal migration service, which includes your new address. You should provide a sample. For minors, the application writes the parent (legal representative). Ask the person providing premises (the one you are prescribed) to sign in the appropriate box. The exception is when you are prescribed in their own homes: write your details and sign yourself as the owner.
Provide a document that is the basis for your occupancy in the specified room. It can be an employment contract, certificate of state registration of ownership rights, the ruling on the right to use the living room etc. the Employee of the FMS will accept your documents and will give a ready certificate of registration within three days.