Note that according to the law on the registration and withdrawal of Russian citizens with registration in the state registration, it is registration of citizens, there are two types — permanent, by place of residence and temporary place of stay.
Consider first a situation in which you need to change a permanent residence permit due to change of residence. Contact the passport office, housing office within seven days after moving to a new address. In the absence of these organizations at the place of arrival, go to the representative acting as legal control over use of premises.
Prepare a package of necessary documents — passport or other document confirming information about your identity; the paper on which you will move into an apartment or a house. Provide a piece of departure, if you own deregistered previous place of residence.
Complete the application for raising you to registration at the place of residence. Copies of above mentioned documents and the application take the relevant organization. Today it is possible to send all these documents electronically through a special website of the Unified portal.
Please note that according to the law at the passport office, your registration must be made within three days from the date of application. Upon receipt of documents check the seal on the change of residence. If you register, you showed another document, or you are under 14, you will be given a "Certificate of registration at place of residence"
Now consider a second situation. You need to obtain a temporary residence permit due to change of place of residence. For example, you are enrolled in a school of another city and will live in a student dormitory. Or, you come to receive continuing treatment in a sanatorium, boarding house, or for service in the army and will live in this place for a period of 90 days and up to 5 years.
Ask the if they have a responsible person who is in charge of registration at the place of residence for all new arrivals. Typically, these field staff are.
Now you have to give them the next paper — a passport or other document confirming information about your identity; the social contract of employment; a statement from officials of the housing; statement of registration by place of stay. The documents on the basis of which you will dwell, are the legal basis for temporary stay in a particular place.