Advice 1: Where to go for registration

Among the most popular services provided by public administration to citizens, especially to allocate registration. The term "registration at place of residence", submitted to the regulatory legal acts of the Russian Federation, is tantamount to the outdated concept of "permanent residence".
Where to go for registration
You will need
  • - passport or birth certificate (if the applicant has not attained the age of 14 years);
  • - the form №6;
  • - statement on behalf of the owner or owners of premises on the agreement on registration.
Find the location of the offices of the Federal migration service of the district of the city, which includes your new place of residence. You can also apply for enrollment in the REU, if there is the passport.
For registration registration , prepare the following documents: passport or birth certificate (if the applicant has not attained the age of 14 years).
Fill in the blank on registration by place of residence (sample, please contact your local REU, ask for the form №6). The registration form must have the signature of the owner of premises in the area which you are prescribed.
Provide a statement on behalf of the owner or owners of the dwelling, indicating their agreement to your residence. The application form is written, is arbitrary. Don't forget to collect the signatures of all owners, if the application is collective.
If you have moved and withdrew from consideration to arrive at the new place of residence, for registration permanent registration, provide the address leaf of departure (Form # 7) if it exists. However, removed from the old registration, you can REU and the new place of residence simultaneously with the filing of a registration statement, please submit the appropriate application for the passport.
To register your child, prepare for the passport office or the FMS a reduced set of documents. Present original and copy of birth certificate of the child, the parents ' passports and copies of them. Complete the statement about the desire to register the child. If the child will be registered at the place of residence of the mother, the father writes the agreement on its behalf and Vice versa.
In case the passport is on renewal, the registration of the breast is delayed until its receipt.

Registration must be completed in a period of 3 days upon submission of all the documents directly to the FMS and not more than 6 days when applying through the passport guy at the local REU.
Useful advice
Remember, that the change of permanent residence should be within 7 days (from the date of arrival at new) contact the local authorities for registration, this will help to avoid the penalty for noncompliance with the rules on registration.

Advice 2: Where to go on the program "Young family"

The program "Young family" was created in order to assist young families in acquiring housing. This programme entered into force on 8 February 2011. However, you need to know exactly where and who to turn to.
Where to go on the program "Young family"
You will need
  • - copies of all pages of passports of family members;
  • - copies of birth certificates of children;
  • - copy of marriage certificate;
  • - a copy of the registration documents for housing constructed or purchased on credit;
  • - a copy of the contract of housing loans issued prior to 01.01.2011 (if any);
  • - edit about the formation on account of the housing queue;
  • - certificate of Bank balance under the credit agreement (if any).
First of all, you need to make sure that your family is suitable to the conditions of granting benefits under the program "Young family". Both parents should not be older than 35 years. Also, state support can count those families in which it is necessary less than 15 square meters per person.
First you need to contact local office of social protection of the population by place of residence. It is better to call to learn mode and the list of required documents submission. Be prepared to queue, how to submit documents for participation in the program is possible only in person.
Further, the local government checks the information that's provided within 10 days from the date of filing. Notification of the decision, the young family receives, in writing, at his residence.
If the decision is positive, the family receives a personalized certificate with validity of 2 months from the date of its issuance. The certificate is available in the partner Bank together with the required documents. Based on this evidence, the Bank opens a personal account intended for depositing subsidies.
If citizens participating in the program, changed the name, you need to provide the relevant documents.
Useful advice
Provided by the state under the program grant can be spent on the purchase of housing, construction of private residential property, payment of the final installment in the building society, a down payment on a mortgage, paying off the debt on the loan for housing, which was valid until 01.01.2011.

Advice 3: Where to apply for grants

Often citizens are not even aware that we have the opportunity to receive certain benefits, I do not know where to apply for those benefits.
Modern Russian legislation on social security provides for three types of subsidies:
subsidies for payment of premises and utilities;
- subsidies for the purchase of housing;
- subsidies for the unemployed to create their own business.
Where to apply for grants
For obtaining the subsidy for housing need to collect the documents and submit them to the local authority at the place of permanent residence. The list of documents learn on the official website or directly from the lawyer administration. The information contained in the submitted documents are verified by the local authorities within 10 days from the date of filing the decision, which the applicant shall be notified in writing. In the case of a negative decision grounds for refusal listed. You can re-apply for registration of subsidies, after the elimination of grounds for refusal.
To receive subsidies for payment of premises and utilities, the application with the required documents to the state establishment "the Department of social protection of the population" at the place of permanent residence. The subsidy is regulated by the Housing code and depends on family income, in the first place. The grant is issued for six months, then it should be reissued, Reaffirming its right to subsidies.
To receive the state subsidies for the unemployed to establish their own business in the first place, you must be unemployed. On this basis, to register with the employment Center at the place of residence. To provide a viable business plan, after that is granted a hearing with the Commission. In case of positive decision, sign a contract with the employment Center on the target for the grant, then the account is transferred to the subsidy. For the money you will need to report.
There is no single location service that provides compensation for payment of housing and communal services – it depends on the local authorities. To clarify the location of such service, you can contact your housing office. For information about these or other benefits and about the required package of documents should also apply to the local authorities. Today almost every town has local Internet portals, which has all the necessary information.

Advice 4: Where to go in case of loss of passport of the Russian Federation

Passport is the official identity document of the owner and his citizenship. It is needed in almost all spheres of life of a person. For this reason, loss of passports is a serious problem that needs to be addressed as quickly as possible.
Where to go in case of loss of passport of the Russian Federation

The first steps to recover passports

You first need to write a statement about loss of passport. This can be done in any police station where the officer on duty will not only provide application form, but also explain all the nuances. Then the citizen is given a special pass, which he can apply to the passport office. The ticket given by the police Department, will allow to certify the fact that all the necessary formalities complied with and the statement about loss of passport has been considered by the police.

Further the employee of the passport written statement indicating the place of registration and residence, date of marriage, presence of children and other information, which will decide on issuing a new document. So it is important to gather all the necessary documents, or otherwise certifying important events of life: birth certificate, marriage certificate, certificate of family composition, military ID, etc. You should also take six pictures of a standard sample. Then you will be given a temporary ID, which will be cancelled upon receipt of the passport.

Making a new document

It is important to consider the point that under current law, for the loss of the passport of the citizen to administrative responsibility, whereby you must pay a fine. Typically, the amount of such sanctions is fixed and is perceived as stamp duty on document recovery. However, it is not necessary to delay the payment, because the less time passes from the moment of application to the payment of a fine, the less likely the accrual of additional interest.

As a rule, the deadline for issuance of a new passport varies from six weeks to two months. During this time, employees of the passport office will verify the information and prepare a blank new document.

The loss of document boundary

If you have lost your passport during a trip abroad, despite the fact that the laws of different countries very different from each other, the first contact the Consulate of the Russian Federation. After completing all the formalities within three days you are required to issue a temporary identity card.

Slightly different situation occurs in case of loss of passport. Then the recovery should go to the migration service or MFC. It should be remembered that in this case the list of documents to be submitted for obtaining the passport is a little different. In addition to photos, you'll need another copy of the main passport and work record.

Advice 5: Where to go if no place to live

To remain without a roof over their head and to obtain the status of "no fixed abode" it is especially scary. Do not despair, once in a difficult life situation.
Where to go if no place to live
You will need
  • - The document proving the identity
  • - Additional information and documents, in each case,
Residence there, and nowhere to live because expel relatives, parents or spouse. If you have a residence permit in the residential area, then here and expect a share of the footage, and nobody has the right to expel the tenant. In this situation, if the matter peacefully fails, go to court. Provide passport, residence permit and a statement on the division of property. In the proceedings, the court will be obliged either to pay the other tenants the cost of the lawful share, or indicate the share of each owner to stay legally.
Refugees and internally displaced persons have the right to provide only temporary housing, as provided by law. To obtain housing can only citizens belonging to socially disadvantaged groups (single pensioners, invalids of 1 group, single mothers with children up to 3 years, many children). Provide a certificate of a privileged category of immigration. Expect a response with a direction to provide temporary housing. While will be considered, shall be required to provide the temporary reception housing, but stays are limited to 5 days.
There is a category of victims, which is appropriate, if the house/apartment was destroyed spontaneously. Please see the available documents to the local administration, in case of failure in registration, please contact the court statement. If the housing is damaged by fire for an unknown reason, while it was not insured, then unfortunately, the law provides no compensation.
The provision of housing when changing the place of residence voluntarily is not provided. However, as a variant, it is possible to get a job with the provision of living space. To do this, prepare a standard set of documents for registration of work and a statement about the securing of living space.
In any situation, contact your local authority for advice. Try to provide as much of the documents confirming the right to benefits
Useful advice
In case of disagreement with a particular decision of the administration, please contact your local court to appeal the actions of officials in special proceedings.
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