You will need
  • - document of title to the apartment;
  • - statement by the grantor of the premises, or the agreement on the free use of the living space, certified by a notary or in the maintenance service;
  • - in the certification in the maintenance service: personal presence of all adult residents with passports;
  • - application on registration at the place of residence and a completed pass on deregistration of a still or a piece of departure (the latter is optional);
  • - passport or birth certificate recorded.
  • In addition to certification by a notary:
  • - passports and personal presence of all the adults in the apartment;
  • - copy of financial personal account;
  • - excerpt from the book.
The complex document - the registration statement or what may be even more difficult, the agreement on gratuitous use of premises. This is a sample document that will give any notary public or employees of the maintenance service, it is possible to find on the Internet. The problem is that when it is signed must attend all adult family members. And notaries, and the housing office is attended during working hours only.Even harder if one of the residents does not leave the four walls for health reasons. In this case, only to call the notary on the house, which greatly increases the price of the issue (the average price in Moscow of only this service - 5000 p.).
Before the visit to the notary or the call of the house will have to go in EIRTS, to take an extract from the house register and a copy financially-the personal account. On the basis of these documents, the notary will make sure that he sees all who are registered by place of residence in the apartment.These documents may request in the housing office, but there for them to go far do not have: the first is taken right at the passport office, the second - in accounts are typically located in the same room. Take both documents can any adult registered in the apartment, on presentation of a passport.All adult residents must submit a notary or employee of the housing office their passports and sign in his presence in the contract.
Application form on registration at the place of residence, it is possible to take in the passport office or territorial subdivision of the Federal migration service or download on the portal of public services, together with the fill pattern. On the portal after login it is available to fill online.After receiving notification of acceptance of an application via the Internet must within 3 days provide to the housing office or unit of the Federal migration service (depending on area) the necessary documents.Otherwise, it is brought to the housing office consisting of the entire set or retrieved and filled in by hand on the spot.
You need to present a passport and a piece of departure, or to complete the Declaration of deregistration at the previous place of residence. If the person previously has not been spelled out nor has a piece of departure, an obstacle to the reception of documents it is not.If all documents are in order, the passport with a stamp about registration can be obtained within three days.