Advice 1: How to register in the apartment

According to the law of the Russian Federation "About the right to freedom of movement, choice of residence and temporary stay," the citizens are obliged to register at the territorial migration service. To expedite a temporary residence permit by filing a preliminary application on a single portal of public services ( and received the activation code.
How to register in the apartment
You will need
  • - passport;
  • - the statement;
  • - a statement or notarized authorization from the owners;
  • - certificate of ownership of the apartment;
  • - the address leaf of departure.
If you need to quickly obtain a temporary registration, submit an electronic request through the specified site. The migration of accounting will notify the landlord within three days that his living space made a temporary registration. If the owner does not agree with this, he has the right to apply in any form to the FMS, the registration shall be canceled. So please still notify the owner of the property on their own.
On the basis of your application will be assigned a temporary activation code. To obtain a certificate of registration, in person, if you go to the territorial migration service or by mail to the address of the temporary registration. The right to such a check appeared at the citizens in November 2010, when the Government of the Russian Federation amended the rules on registration.
To quickly obtain a permanent record, prepare a necessary package of documents. If you are a landlord, you'll need to present a passport, certificate of ownership of the apartment, the statement is populated in a unified form in the presence of authorised staff of the migration service.
Permanent registration is issued within 7 calendar days. To speed up this process if personally contact the head of the migration service and ask him to help. You must have a very good reason why you will check in at the apartment for 1-2 days.
Citizens who are not owners of the apartment, will be required at check-personal presence or written consent of owners. If all owners can attend in person, this will speed up the registration process, so as to obtain the notarized consent will have to visit a notary office and it takes a lot of time.
Quickly check-in the apartment you can, if you have the address leaf of departure. If you are discharged from your previous place of residence, to register at the new address will not work quickly, since FMS will have to make a request for removing you from the register at your old address, and it can take a lot of time.

Advice 2 : How to obtain a residence permit

Without a residence permit, especially in large Metropolitan areas, people will not be able to find not only housing, but also to get a job, obtain credit, get married (or get married) and many other seemingly basic things.
How to obtain a residence permit

Registered person or its removal from the registration is done in specialized institutions, which are engaged in registration of citizens. To know the address of this organization by looking at the receipt from utilities, which every month delivered to your home.

In order to understand the particular importance of registration, you need to consider in what cases it is you definitely need:

1) when applying for a job, the employer is entitled to require from you a city residence. Especially if your work is connected with money or financial responsibility;

2) without registration you will not be able to obtain identification documents and to purchase or sell property;

3) lack of registration will not allow you to register or dissolve a marriage;

4) make a loan or mortgage and so on.

To stay without a residence permit, the person may for several reasons, but the main one is that, released from the last place of residence, you are not prescribed in new. The reason for this may be, for example, the protracted selection of a new apartment or making new documents for housing.

In order to issue a residence permit, you should contact the appropriate authority (usually it is combined with the registry office) and apply. Here you have to make a residence absolutely free.

Don't forget that within 7 days after the removal from the registration account, you need to apply for registration at the new residence.

Mandatory registration required for all family members, including children up to 14 years (design of residence do parents).

Before you write the statement on registration, you must collect the following documents:

• passport or other statutory document proving the identity;

• certificate of registration form No. 1;

• the document which confirms and gives good reason for the residence of a citizen at a certain address without appropriate registration. Such a document may be a contract of employment, for example.

It should be noted that registration is of two types – permanent and temporary. Permanent residence gives you more rights and opportunities. Although a temporary residence permit in no burdens its owner, but still it has its expiration. Note that living without a residence permit entails administrative liability.


Advice 3 : How to apply for a residence permit

Registration or the registration is an administrative procedure of registration of citizens by place of residence. Make decisions on registration officials of the Federal migration service of Russia. The initial reception of documents from citizens, their registration and transfer to the competent authorities of the person responsible for the registration. As a rule, responsible for the registration of a person appointed by the governors of the workers housing organization (pasportist).
How to apply for a residence permit
Registration for registration please refer to the passport guy, provide the necessary documents:

- a document certifying the identity (passport);

- the statement;

- documents for installation in the living room (contract, certificate

of ownership of, warrant, court order). The set of documents depends on the type of residential

premises and whose property is. If a residence permit at the municipal

the apartment to obtain the consent of the owners of the other rooms is not needed, because you do not have

rights to the room that is the universe.

- A piece of departure (when available).
For three days pasportist must apply for a registration card, door card, statistical forms.
Documents passport the passport guy conveys to the migration service.
For three days officials of the Migration service takes a decision on registration, making the necessary records, shall stamp on registration in the passport and registration card.
The documents a citizen is given by the passport guy.
For registration in a residential area where several owners are required to obtain the consent of all owners, the application for registration shall be signed by all owners.
Useful advice
Registration of minor children to parents is made without the consent of the resident and the owner of the apartment.

Advice 4 : How to register a purchased apartment

The existence of the right of ownership of the flat iron serves as the basis for registration at the place of residence, and the old registration in it. However, the contract of purchase and sale of housing is not enough, you have to first register their right to it in the territorial Department of Rosreestr. And ask him to contact the housing office or directly to FMS.
How to register a purchased apartment
You will need
  • - certificate of state registration of ownership rights to the apartment;
  • - passport;
  • - completed application on registration at the place of residence;
  • - a piece of departure (optional).
For state registration of ownership rights for housing you must submit to the territorial body rosreestra a statement of these transactions (the form can be downloaded on the website of Rosreestr or directly at the reception), copy of passport and two copies of the contract of sale or other document under which housing is passed to you.
Will also have to pay the state fee. Its size and details for the transfer can be specified in the body of the Federal service for state registration, and payment done at the Bank.
With prepared testimony and other documents, you should contact the passport office of housing office serving the area where is located your new apartment. Or to the territorial division of the FMS, if the passport office in the housing Department no.
Will require your passport, the piece of departure is subject to availability and completed application on registration at the place of residence.
The application form can be obtain at the passport office and fill out on site or downloaded online, for example, in the section of the portal of state Services.<url>", devoted to registration at the place of residence, to fill in on your computer, print and sign. The application can also fill in on the portal and to transmit over the Internet.
If you are discharged from your previous place of residence, do not worry. In this case, fill the detachable coupon of the registration statement, and all issues will be resolved at the place of treatment.
A passport with a mark about registration must give you three days after receiving the documents.
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