Registered person or its removal from the registration is done in specialized institutions, which are engaged in registration of citizens. To know the address of this organization by looking at the receipt from utilities, which every month delivered to your home.

In order to understand the particular importance of registration, you need to consider in what cases it is you definitely need:

1) when applying for a job, the employer is entitled to require from you a city residence. Especially if your work is connected with money or financial responsibility;

2) without registration you will not be able to obtain identification documents and to purchase or sell property;

3) lack of registration will not allow you to register or dissolve a marriage;

4) make a loan or mortgage and so on.

To stay without a residence permit, the person may for several reasons, but the main one is that, released from the last place of residence, you are not prescribed in new. The reason for this may be, for example, the protracted selection of a new apartment or making new documents for housing.

In order to issue a residence permit, you should contact the appropriate authority (usually it is combined with the registry office) and apply. Here you have to make a residence absolutely free.

Don't forget that within 7 days after the removal from the registration account, you need to apply for registration at the new residence.

Mandatory registration required for all family members, including children up to 14 years (design of residence do parents).

Before you write the statement on registration, you must collect the following documents:

• passport or other statutory document proving the identity;

• certificate of registration form No. 1;

• the document which confirms and gives good reason for the residence of a citizen at a certain address without appropriate registration. Such a document may be a contract of employment, for example.

It should be noted that registration is of two types – permanent and temporary. Permanent residence gives you more rights and opportunities. Although a temporary residence permit in no burdens its owner, but still it has its expiration. Note that living without a residence permit entails administrative liability.