Check the balance of the phone after each call so as not to be annoyed if the most important conversation you simply will not have funds. To know the status of telephone bills of the subscribers of the company "the Megaphone" can, and in several ways. For example, type in your mobile *100 # call or *111*1# and a call key and the display will show information about the account balance.
Please call the number 0501, if calling from a mobile phone, or 507-7777, if you call from a landline. Select your room number", then the "Balance", and then named a sum of money in your phone account at the moment. Or type any SMS message to the number 000100.
Enter the combination of symbols *105 # call. Select "Account" then in the opened window look for the section "Balance", press the corresponding number to open the section, and the display will show your request – you will see the amount of cash balance on the account.
According to information published on the official website of the company "MegaFon", the service "Balance sheet close" allows you to learn about the balance of funds on the phones of relatives or friends. Connect to "Balance the family" by sending an SMS message to the number 000006 or typing the appropriate command. To add the "guardian", type *438*1*room # call or send SMS with text "+ number". If you want to remove "guardian", type *438*2*room # call or send SMS with the text "number of subscribers". More about learn with, dial *438 # call or send a blank message to the number 000006.
To control cash balance of subscribers "the Megaphone" do not have to perform any additional actions. Service "Live balance" automatically displays information about the status of the account on the display after each call, send SMS, access the Internet, etc. the First two weeks after connecting "Live balance" you can use the service free of charge, after the expiration of the period provided for the subscription fee. Connect/disconnect service using the "Service Guide", by calling 0500 or 507-7777. You can choose the most convenient method for you: to connect dial *134*1 # call or send empty SMS-message to number 000105750, and to deactivate it dial *134*0 # call.