You will need
  • - personal computer;
  • - installed modem with any carrier;
  • - SIM card.
The wireless 3G modem is a great medium to access the Internet. With it, you will be able to chat online, and download any videos and music, send e-mail. These and other features are available only with a positive balance. In case of negative value of balance of services an Internet connection is suspended until refill.
Not to get into an unpleasant situation, when you need to get online, but due to lack of funds this is impossible, try to follow the balance of your modem. Moreover, it is very simple.
You will need to connect the modem to the computer or laptop, and then the usual way to run the program. To do this, click on located on desktop shortcut modem. By default, when you install the program it is created automatically.
In this case, no matter it was connected to the Internet or not. Account status modem, you still learn. It is enough to choose and press the button "Balance" on the toolbar work window modem. Depending on the model of the modem, the account balance may appear immediately (without performing any additional operations) or will need to perform the appropriate issue.
Some modems "MegaFon" to clarify availability of funds in the account you are sending a special USSD-command. Find it in a special pop-up window (*100#), and then click "Request". Modems other mobile operators such as Beeline, MTS, the balance specified in a similar way.
Also to clarify the balance on the SIM card your modem can contact the customer service operator you use cellular.
Or go to your personal account on the official website of your carrier, where you can find all the information in your room, including balance.