Select the place. If you or friends has owned a cottage or country house, half of the organizational problems solved. You can also rent a private house, to go to the village to relatives, to go to the nearest woods or go on a scenic river. Choose simple and clear routes because you have to go on different machines.
Consider the menu. It is clear that the main course will be meat or meat on the barbecue. Think about the side dish – bring vegetables and mushrooms that can be baked. As appetizers, prepare in advance the ingredients for salads that need to be Packed in sealed containers. Birthday cake to bring to be problematic, but if there is a refrigerator, it is possible. Ready snacks such as cheeses, sausages, and canned vegetables are also useful. In General, fruits and vegetables take more – fresh air, a good appetite. Don't forget to take drinks and alcohol.
Decorate the area with. Themed stationery in the form of colorful posters, banners, paper lanterns and balloons will decorate any celebration. You can hang them on trees, beautify machines, chairs and tables, home.
Bring supplies for outdoor activities. Not to make a celebratory picnic in a banal meal, include in the script of the holiday outdoor games – you will need props (balls, ropes, different shells, etc.). Divide guests into two teams and organize competitions. A couple of rackets, badminton birdies, the soccer ball and other projectiles will allow to warm up.
Write a script. Clearly budgeted phases of the event will help you make the celebration unforgettable, spread around the time duration of each contest, turn the duration of the meal, reserve on leisure time. If you are celebrating the day of birth of the child, be sure to invite animators, funny clowns, fairy tale heroes and characters from the cartoons will bring a lot of joy to kids. Organize music, just ensure that the music was too much. The final action could be the launch of balloon, kite or small fireworks.