You will need
  • cloth;
  • - soft drinks;
  • alcoholic beverages
  • - disposable tableware;
  • - marinated meat;
  • - fresh vegetables and fruits;
  • - first aid kit;
  • - balls.
Define the circle of friends who will be present at the party, all together select the place for a holiday. If you go to someone to the country or to the recreation center, you will not have to take the grill and utensils, you'll find it on the spot.
To arrange a party on the waterfront you will need to take a large tablecloth or a lot of special mats for picnics to spread out on makeshift tables of these treats. You can grab a few cushions for extra comfort. Fit well and inflatable mattresses on them and you will swim and relax on the beach.
Take special umbrella for protection from the burning rays of the sun, because if you are going to stay near the trees, you will be disturbed by the annoying insects. Put in the trunk a few light covers, they may need bathers and those who decide to sunbathe or relax and take a NAP.
Carefully make a list of foods and beverages that will need to take. Summer leaves a lot more soft drinks than you planned so buy more of cold water or soda. Useful to you and bags with padding of foam products stay fresh longer.
Pour into a thermos of ice cubes. Cold drinks can be kept in a shady place in the water, where they have a long time to heat up. Dishes disposable head, and after the party be sure to collect all the rubbish in bags and throw it in the container. Plastic it is better to take bright, cheerful pattern, because the dishes also sets the mood.
In nature it is always good to go meals, cooked over an open fire, and fresh fruits and vegetables. Do not take ready-made salads, they can turn sour in the road. Vegetables you can slice and fill with vegetable oil already in place. Marinate the meat in advance, better the day before the party, then it is cooked much faster.
Don't forget the ketchup and other sauces, guided by the tastes of the partygoers. For the holiday need and alcoholic beverages, if your company does not adhere to a sober lifestyle. It is better to take beer and wine. Too spirits do not need to use heat to avoid health problems.
Check a car first aid kit and fill it with fresh medicines. If someone needs a special tool, don't forget to take them, because the ambulance could not come so soon. Observe precautions for campfire and swimming in open water.
For fun, take equipment for outdoor games. Fit badminton, volleyball and inflatable large beach balls. That's all you need for a successful party in the summer in warm weather!