Try to imagine yourself in the place of your child in modern circumstances. What would you imagine the day of birth wanted? Tea and cake or a disco in a youth club? It would be great if you will consult in advance with your child how he wants to spend the day.
Together with the birthday define the circle of friends whom he would invite to the party. Try to remember what they have common interests and on this basis to organize the day of birth. If the guys dance or sing, organize a mini concert or pay for a master class with one of the best dancers teachers dance) in your area. If you are fond of sports, a joint trip to the skating rink or a water Park they are very happy. If Teens have one thing in common passion for music, buy them tickets to a concert of your favorite band.
Try to get the boys on the nature, staging an impromptu "Robinson Crusoe: campfire of the material at hand, the competition "who is faster to boil water" or "who catches more fish". If the invited more boys this option is fine, especially if someone plays guitar, knows a terrible story and not just been in such campaigns.
If you are not adventurous in nature and don't want a long time to organize a holiday, choose the easy option of bowling or paintball. Teenagers are always in awe of such entertainment.
If on the day of birth daughter is only collected girls, arrange for them a real bachelorette party. Let them use your makeup and enjoy the evening in the beauty parlor – let them make each other a variety of fancy hairstyles, apply makeup, and can bring on one of the items of clothing and exchanging them, to be photographed. Be sure – fun is guaranteed!