First check the weather forecast for that day, when do you plan to celebrate an important event for you. This will help you to decide whether it is worth to celebrate in nature, because the torrential downpour spoil the occasion.
Decide on the venue. Note, however, heat is going to be out. So, on a hot day, your company is better placed near the water, but cool evening on the banks of the river you can freeze.
Consider what food and drinks you take with you, because if you decide to go to celebrate the city, to buy something will be difficult. Make a list of what you plan to cook, and, based on this list, buy the necessary ingredients. Remember that you will be able to cook at home part of the products. For example, the kebabs can be marinated before check out, also the house is to boil eggs for the salad, wash the vegetables and greens. This will greatly save you time.
If it's cool, sure to bring a thermos of tea or coffee. If your party plan to drink alcohol, you can cook a mulled wine.
Think of what games you will play with the guests. Grab a volleyball, badminton, Twister. If you plan to relax on the waterfront, notify guests that they brought bathing suits and towels. Do not forget about the safety rules: it is better to bathe before the meal, after the guests drank and ate, invite them to play active games.
Be sure to bring a first aid kit that will Essentials. Also don't forget to take a spray against mosquitoes – these insects may well spoil your holiday.
Consider how you and your guests will go home. If the day when you went to the venue, you thought that 40 minutes in the woods does not cause you any difficulties, then in the darkness and it will not seem a pleasant walk. Be sure to take lights or go dark.