If you decide to celebrate at home - prepare a theme party. Options can be a variety of Eastern motifs with a hookah and the pillows on the floor. Beach party swimwear, cocktails and films about the seas and oceans. Gangster night - friends give toy guns and fake day, guy and play "mafia". As you can see, the evening is enough, choose to your taste. During the preparation pay attention to the details. Decorate room in the style of the era, which will be devoted to your event. Prepare dishes of those countries, buy fun accessories and invite guests to try them. If your budget allows, order a catering service. So you get rid of having to cook, serve guests food and clean up afterwards is dirty dishes. Employees in catering events will take over their responsibilities.
How to spend your <strong>day</strong> <b>birthday</b> <em>friends</em>
If the season allows, spend your day of birth in nature. Pre-marinate the kebabs, buy vegetables, herbs, bread, alcohol. Try to find a cozy forest clearing, preferably near a pond for swimming. Bring a racquet and a shuttlecock for badminton, cards. Think about it, the more you will take your friends? Perhaps someone has Darts, and you can have a contest. Then take care of the little prizes. Let it be the cheap stuff, as long as they are reminded about your fun party!
How to spend your <strong>day</strong> <b>birthday</b> <em>friends</em>
A method that does not require you to no effort, and monetary investment going to the restaurant. It is also possible to show imagination and choose an establishment that evening which will be remembered by everyone. For example, restaurant of Cuban cuisine; cafes where you eat in complete darkness; a cabaret with dancing and so on. Go to the Internet and look for information about restaurants that you have in the area. Pre-visit the institution, discuss the menu, number of guests, day of the event. If necessary, order the decoration of the hall, invite the master of ceremonies, ensemble.
How to spend your <strong>day</strong> <b>birthday</b> <em>friends</em>
Preparing a feast for his friends, try to consider their habits. The youth company is unlikely to enjoy the event in a quiet restaurant with a brass band. And older people are not happy with deafening music on the dance floor. If the company is combined, make sure that the venue was liked by all. In such cases, a house party or a day in nature will be the most suitable options. Take your guests games, create original costumes that your holiday does not turn into a banal booze. Try to pay attention to each guest, then your day of birth will take place in a friendly atmosphere and will be remembered by all for a long time.