A birthday celebration at home is very troublesome. It is best to entrust the preparation of the festive table professionals. So now most of the heroes of the occasion, arrange events at restaurants or cafes. You enough to discuss the menu, and the rest will be done by the employees of the institution. Most restaurants and cafes spetsializiruyutsya on the provision of such services. In addition to table service they can offer original room decoration and entertainment with a leading. If you're not going to invite a lot of guests, you can arrange a holiday home.
If you order room in the restaurant of your efforts on the preparation of food are reduced to the order menu from the available list. Self-study of the feast involves the thinking through of the recipes personally. The problem of choice can solve a buffet table. Light snacks are quickly prepared, and their variety allows you to please any guest.
A feature of the buffet is portioned dishes, each of which can be easy to take and put it on a plate. Preparation of canape takes a little time, and they look very appetizing. To pieces of meat, ham or bacon, it was convenient to take, they are strung on skewers. The same is done with vegetables, shrimp and other seafood. Is the menu suitable for celebrations indoors and out, for a picnic. What could be better than celebrating a birthday in nature!
Dancing, and table talk is certainly good. But that was really fun, no entertainment and contests are not enough. If the celebration takes place outdoors, you can rent badminton, balls, and other games. The room is limiting, but not so much that nothing has come up.
"Forfeits on time". It's fun for the whole day. It is cooked in advance. The birthday boy writes a note indicating the jobs to each guest. For example, someone at 16:00 have to stand up and loudly sakkarakatti. It will be very interesting to see the reaction of the other guests on this surprise.
"In position". I play mostly men. Them in stomach area tie inflated balloon. Then the floor dropped small items. After the signal men need to collect them, not cracked the ball. Who will be the more items wins.
"Dress me." For games need opaque bags with a set of different clothes. It can be gloves, a hat, a bra. Wishing to break into pairs and choose a package. They are blindfolded. Then one of the pair should wear the other to the touch. Benefit those who have a partner will be better and faster wearing.