First of all, you need to determine the transport and, respectively, with a number of things. If you plan to drive overnight, you will need tents, blankets, personal hygiene items and other useful things. For small day outings you can take only mats or folding chairs and a few blankets in case of sudden chill. Be sure to make enough disposable utensils and napkins and tablecloths.
The perfect treat for nature is the barbecue. It is possible to take vegetables, greens, light sandwiches and your favorite snacks. Don't forget about drinking water and juice, because in the heat so thirsty. Children can eat dry biscuits or dried fruit. Do not take candy: they can melt into the sun and also make us thirsty.
Stay on nature implies a large number of competitions and games. If you take a ball or badminton, to miss this day do not have to. You can organize team games or theatrical performances. It all depends on the preferences of your company. Be sure to prepare small prizes, because to win like everything.
Try to limit your intake of alcoholic beverages - the heat is not conducive to plentiful libations. Better to limit weak wine and water. Have fun is possible without alcohol. Closer to the evening you can enjoy singing with guitar accompaniment and without it. And no matter how well you sing, in the forest and no words to say.
Before leaving, collect all trash in trash bags and take them with you. Along the way throw them in the nearest trash. Leave your footprints at least impolite to other tourists. Spend the day of birth in nature with benefit to themselves and without harm to the environment and don't forget to take pictures. And then this holiday will long remain in your memory as the most fun day of the year.