The festival requires no less training than the home, because only in this case he will really be remembered for both the guests and the celebrants.
A lot depends on the weather that is expected on the day of the festival, so this issue should be treated particularly seriously. If confidence in the fact that no vagaries of nature will not spoil your holiday not, worth the extra time to think, and do not move the celebration indoors.
The next question that should be addressed: where exactly to organize a celebration. Hot summer day is perfect for relaxing on the waterfront, but in a cool autumn evening near the water is not so nice and probably just cold.
Special training requires a menu that you will be able to offer outdoors. Country fest means that everything you need you should have with you, so it is best to plan in advance to not to forget anything. Some of the snacks should be prepared in advance, something has to be at the stage of semi-finished products. Such preparation will significantly reduce the time until the start of the holiday and allow guests to go hungry.
For a cool day or evening to carefully think about hot drinks. It can be as soft tea or coffee, and alcoholic mulled wine, for example.
A very important part of any holiday is fun. Camping allows you to have fun actively playing badminton, volleyball and other games. About the required equipment should also be taken care of in advance.
Not be amiss to bring band-AIDS, because the situation may be different, including and not very pleasant.
Finally, you should consider the question of returning home. If this is not done in advance, the finale of the holiday can be spoiled by waiting for a taxi or trying to stop a passing car. Well, if it is possible to arrange transport at a certain time coming and will take all the guests home.