Watches are an integral part of our lives: these devices allow to calculate the time to plan your business, leisure, to observe a mode, etc. it is Worth noting that in contrast to the measured time, these devices are not eternal and can sometimes work intermittently, or to completely stop. While different types of watches the reasons for the "stops" are also different.If the stopped mechanical watch. First and foremost, check whether to start the mechanism. Very often the mechanical clock stops due to contamination of the mechanism due to drying of the oil, the moisture inside of the housing. To resolve this kind of malfunction, take watch, wash and lubricate the clock mechanism. If you don't know how to do it correctly, contact master.A mechanical watch is the proximity of the magnet. If the mechanical movements to bring the magnet, they will stop (and forever).If a stopped quartz watch. The reason for this kind of watches is often exhausted battery. So, if your watch has stopped, first check the degree of battery charge. This is done using special instruments (voltmeter, tester, etc.). If battery OK, then it's the chip or breakage of any other part. Quartz watches, as mechanical, can often fail due to moisture or strong shock. Sometimes to establish the true reason of a stop watch mechanism, the only watchmaker.Electronic watches stop their work for many reasons: lack of charge in the batteries, a heavy blow, water (except shockproof and hours with protection from moisture.No one watch "don't like" appliances especially microwave ovens, refrigerators and TVs. The fact that these devices a very strong electromagnetic field that can disrupt (or even stop) hours of any type.