First of all, get a standard source of information on time. To do this, any browser that supports JavaScript, go to the following website:
To counter hours on this site do not pay attention. It may not be true due to improper timezone settings. But the minutes and seconds in the virtual clock is synchronized via NTP with a model, which, in turn, receive a signal from a navigation satellite.
If a mechanical watch without a second hand, set to them directly. The minute hand try to position between the divisions in proportion to the indication of seconds on the standard hours.
Mechanical watch with a second hand set with precision to the second is more complicated, because the possibility of stopping them is not provided. They stop only when fully winding springs. Try to wait when the clock will stop to set the time a minute ahead, and when the values of hours, minutes and seconds on the computer screen coincides with a display - immediately wind the watch.
Much easier in this sense, a mechanical quartz watch. To stop them, enough to pull the battery. If quartz watches are wrist, will not even need this. Just pull the crown, and they'll stop. Then install them with precision to the second method described above.
On wrist digital clock with four-digit indicator with the button the function key navigate to stopwatch mode. Then, when the seconds on the standard hours will go through zero, press the install button. After that, slowly install the indications of hours and minutes in the usual way.
The electronic clock with six-digit indicator of the first button functions, select the installation mode. Then click the toggle select of familiarity seconds (they will blink), if they are not chosen so. Then when moving testimony seconds through zero the exemplary clock hit the install button.
On some clocks there is a button "total reset". Depending on the model when it is pressed readings are reset to 00:00, 11:11 or 12:00. The seconds counter when it is reset, even if display their readings on the indicator impossible. By reset, then set the hours and minutes in the usual way.