Sound sound cuckoo does not coincide with the indication of the clock
Check the position of the pin of the stub shaft. If he unbent - fold it up. To resolve this issue, do not have to disassemble the watch, you simply open the door in the right window of the housing.
The number of blows of the fight does not coincide with the indication arrows
Remove the weight of the battle. Put the hour hand on the number corresponding to the number of raised bumps. Attach the weight the fight and set the actual time using hour and minute hands. If the malfunction is not resolved, it is necessary to adjust the gap lever accounts in the grooves of the counting circle. Open the rear wall of the Cabinet. Install in any place of the accounting circle loses a fight. Bend the legs of the lever of inclusion of a battle in the right direction.
Drop out pins of the minute wheel
Carefully remove the clock hands. Remove the hook and open the door of the cuckoo. Disconnect and remove panel. Set the weight of the battle and carefully observe the work of the movement. Disconnect the minute wheel and the bushing. If necessary, straighten the pins of the minute wheel. Insert the pins in place and gently tighten.
Figure cuckoo's stuck
Open the rear wall of the Cabinet. Examine the position of the tail of the figures. Figure of a cuckoo should be on the top plane of the whistle. Install the figurine to its rightful place and lock it on the bracket.
The voice of the cuckoo sounds distorted and weak
Unscrew the screws attaching the bellows. Remove the bottles from the case and check their sound. For this it is necessary to repeatedly raise and lower the bellows. Clean sound bellows gap and achieve the desired tone. To increase the sound should slightly bend the arm fur down to eliminate the rattle - up.